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12 tons of sea cucumber seized from containers

Manzanillo, Colima — The Navy of Mexico reports the seizure of 12 tons of Sea Cucumbers that were bound for Shanghai, China.

In a press release, la Secretaría de Marina-Armada de México says that they have seized approximately 12 tons of Sea Cucumber found in a shipping container bound for China. The seizure occurred at the Port Security Unit 62 in Manzanillo.

The discovery was made Saturday morning during routine inspections when they report detecting an illegal cargo shipment. Upon inspection, port authorities found the Sea Cucumbers hidden inside a container labeled as “peanuts”.

Inside the container were numerous cardboard boxes containing the marine animals. In total, Navy personnel counted 1,624 cases of which 797 contained Sea Cucumbers.

Since there is a permanent ban on Sea Cucumbers, there are no legal papers available for shipping purposes.