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13 dead after community conflict in Oaxaca

Santa María Ecatepec, Oaxaca — A clash between two groups in the southern highlands of Oaxaca has left 13 dead.

The Attorney General of Oaxaca confirmed 13 people were killed Monday during a conflict between inhabitants of San Lucas Ixcotepec and Santa María Ecatepec in the Southern Highlands.

In a statement, they attorney general explained that the attack left a balance of 13 people dead, including two women, in addition to one injured who was transferred to the City of Oaxaca for medical care. One person was also reported as missing during the attack.

Authorities say the conflict began Monday afternoon when members of the communal property of Santa María Ecatepec, who apparently entered the zone to carry out cleaning work, were attacked by their neighbors in San Lucas Ixcotepec.

The Fiscalía General del Estado de Oaxaca posted an update on Twitter regarding the events, saying that police will continue to monitor the area.