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166 human skulls found in 31 graves in the middle of Veracruz

Veracruz, Mexico — The state attorney of Veracruz say officials have discovered dozens of clandestine graves and at least 166 bodies.

In August, the remains of 166 people were located in the clandestine cemetery in the central area of the state of Veracruz, which was kept quiet for security purposes.

During a press conference, Attorney General Jorge Winckler Ortiz reported that in addition to the remains, which according to forensic anthropology could date from about two years ago, they also located clothing, identification and personal items.

Photo: la Fiscalía

He reported that on August 8, the Office of the Special Prosecutor for Missing Persons managed to obtain the testimony of a person who reported having located a clandestine grave with “hundreds of people.”

While following on the lead, authorities of the General Prosecutor’s Office located the human remains in an area of 300 square meters, which to date, has led to the finding of 166 human skulls. Police say they also found more than 200 pieces of clothing, 114 pieces of identification and various personal items.

The attorney general reports that what they have so far found was discovered in 31 of the 32 known graves in the area. Expert Services staff, together with the Ministerial Police and the Specialized Prosecutor’s Office, have been working to recover the remains.

Photo: La Fiscalía

Winckler said that they have also requested the support of the Scientific Division of the Federal Police to carry out the genetic analysis of the remains found so they can cross reference them with the database of genetic profiles of missing persons.

He explained that on this particular occasion, after the discovery, they kept the area in reserve to guarantee the success of the investigation. He also said that in a few days, they will summon the relatives to review a photographic catalog of the clothes, accessories and identification they located in the area of clandestine graves noting that the search and investigation work has been done with seriousness and responsibility.