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18 permanently expelled after student attack at Mexico City university

Mexico City, Mexico — After a large-scale assault at The National Autonomous University of Mexico City, rector Enrique Graue says those responsible have been identified and expelled.

A total of 18 individuals who participated in the assaults on CCH Azcapotzalco students at the Rectoría esplanade will be permanently expelled from the institution and sent to the University Court for ratification, announced Enrique Graue.

Through a message, he explained that among the aggressors are the groups known as Thirty-two from CCH Azcapotzalco, March 3 from CCH Vallejo and the Student Federation of Naucalpan in addition to other organizations of vandals known as porros, who take on interests outside the university.

He pointed out that in images obtained from the press, from face-to-face videos and from the university surveillance cameras, they have also detected people from outside the university. Those known responsible will face the university court and be expelled.

Those responsible who are from outside the university will be presented to the attorney general for continued investigations and criminal charges.

Dr. Graue Wiechers said that of the injured he received, two students are in serious condition. Students Emilio Aguilar Sánchez and Joel Meza García are stable after being operated on.

On Monday, students from the university were holding a peaceful demonstration on university grounds when clashes from students from other “groups” arrived in private vehicles and on public buses resulting in a large-scale assault indicating that the attack was planned.