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More than 20 dolphins die in a large beached group

Baja California Sur — More than 20 dolphins have died with 34 more being returned to the sea at Baja California Sur, report environmental authorities.

Environmental authorities were notified of a large group of beached dolphins at Salinita beach on San José Nepomuceno island in Baja California Sur.

“We were made aware of a massive group of beached dolphins,” explained Carla Ballines, osteology coordinator of the Whale Museum of La Paz.

“The whole beach was full of dolphins. We were taking them out little by little, in groups of two or three so that they could go together” said one of the volunteers.

María José Amador, student of Marine Sciences said that 20 dead dolphins were found and with the backing of authorities and volunteers, another 34 were rescued that could be returned to the sea

The remains of the dolphins were taken to another beach to be buried. Museum authorities will analyze which of them can be integrated into their inventory of marine mammal skeletons.

Mexican biologist Irám González confirmed the number of dolphins involved saying “we do not know the causes.”

“Were 54. Thirty four were returned and 20 died,” he added noting that the phenomenon may have many causes, from a disease to the disorientation of dolphins.

“There has been talk of many causes, disorientation, diseases, leaders, the group, viruses, it is premature to have a conclusion,” he added.

He confirmed that the dolphins were a very diverse group in terms of age, since they detected pups, females, young specimens and males.