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Jalisco increases fine to encourage license renewal

Guadalajara, Jalisco — In a bid to encourage people to renew their driver’s license, the state of Jalisco is increasing the fine from the current 80 peso to more than 2,000.

Although the reform still needs congress approval, the state has announced its intention to make the massive increase due to the amount of people driving without valid permits. The announced proposal is to increase the fine from 80 peso to a maximum of 2,112 for those found driving without a valid license.

One local resident, Mario Olivares, says he has had an invalid driver’s license for 33 years, adding that he has not always owned a car, but as of seven months ago, does. He also says that over the years, the fine was cheaper than a licence renewal, but now that the state intends to increase to fine, he finds himself standing in line to renew his license.

Mario Olivares says his driver’s license expired in 1986, but after hearing that more expensive fines will be approved, he has gone to la Secretaría de Transporte for a renewal.

“I had not renewed it because I ran out of cars, but seven months ago, I got one again,” he says.

The minimum fine for being caught driving without a license will be 1,267 peso, an announcement that has seen a flood of people lining up at the Guadalajara transport office. Oilvares says that now, “The fine is more expensive than what the license costs me.”

Gabriel Ramírez Ibarra, director of licenses of la Secretaría de Transporte says that before the announcement, they attended to around 650 people per day and now, they are near 1,100, adding that staff are overrun, making a superhuman effort to attend to the people.

Jonadab Martínez García, deputy promoter of the new initiative, says that there are more than 3.7 million vehicles in circulation and only 1.6 million with a registered driver’s license.