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74 independent candidates submitted for Mexican presidency

Mexico City, Mexico — Mexican politics heats up as 74 independent candidates submit their names in a bid for the upcoming presidency.

The number of independent candidates for the Presidency of the Republic reached 74 as the deadline for the National Electoral Institute (INE) closed. Of the 74 candidates, 67 are men and seven, women.

The final list for those seeking an independent candidacy for that position will be announced once the National Electoral Institute has a chance to review each candidate wishing to run.

After their presentation of intention to apply for independent candidacy, INE will verify that each applicant has formed a civil association with registration before the Tax Administration Service, as well as verify that each has a bank account with which he / she will administer electoral resources and a legal representative, who will also act as administrator.

Those who have fulfilled all the requirements will receive the verification that accredits them as an applicant for an independent candidate. Once approved, independent candidates will have to collect  signatures of support established by the Constitution to become an independent candidate.

The deadline for the signatures is February 12, 2018.

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