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A dozen new companies listed for Mexican Stock Exchange

Merida, Yucatán — A dozen companies in the state of Yucatan are expected to begin trading on the Mexican Stock Exchange during 2019.

Director of Promotion and Issuers of the Mexico Stock Exchange, Juan Manuel Olivo Tirado, says that each of the companies are averaging 200 million peso per year. He says they have already begun the paperwork that will see them begin trading in 2019.

Olivo Tirado stated that are mainly consortiums in the field of financial services and consumer products, noting he has been working with them over the past year to help incorporate them into success stories. He explained that in Yucatan, the financial company Bepensa is the only one trading on the Mexico Stock Exchange.

He explained that listing on the stock exchange allows companies to obtain economic resources to finance their expansion projects, whether in the long or medium term.

“We are promoting the business sector of Merida because we have records of recent years showing the state as one with the most economic growth.”

He noted that the potential of Yucatan companies to join the financing granted by the Mexico Stock Exchange is huge, so they work with 10 companies that can place their financial issues with that national stock exchange.

José Oriol Bosch Par, CEO of the Mexico Stock Exchange, explained that financing is the first step to being part of the exchange and that companies do not have to be giants to access the financial resources it grants.

“Although the stock market is not for everyone, medium-sized companies can participate in it and the Stock Exchange is a real source of financing that also provides advice and financial support for companies that start trading.”