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Acapulco companies offer 250 jobs to seniors and disabled

Acapulco, Guerrero — At least 20 companies offered 250 vacancies for seniors and people with disabilities in Acapulco through Employment Day.

On Saturday, the State Secretary of Labor, Oscar Rangel Miravete, together with the president of DIF, Mercedes Calvo, inaugurated Employment Day for Older Adults and Persons with Disabilities where greater employment opportunities are offered to the vulnerable population.

Rangel Miravete said that labor activities are being sought for the entire sector of the population, both young people, women and now people with disabilities and older adults. He said that according to the International Labor Organization, companies that hire seniors and people with a disability can increase their productivity by up to 20 percent.

He added that this is due to several factors such as the perception that the client has of them, the work environment and the mirror effect that’s created in workplace influences.

Companies that are socially inclusive are benefited with tax incentives. Rangel Miravete said that the companies that participated were security, hotels, self-service stores that offered different types of vacancies.

He added that the job applications received will be analyzed by the contracting companies and, in accordance with the results that the Valpar System produces, it will be possible to assign the corresponding job.

In turn, the president of the Board of the DIF Guerrero System, Mercedes Calvo acknowledged her determination to get ahead and have the courage to integrate society.

During the event, Calvo showed the effectiveness of the Valpar System that certified the skills for upcoming jobs, which evaluated 183 people with disabilities and older adults through the system that matches work experience with the jobs available.