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Allegations of money laundering hampering presidential candidate Ricardo Anaya

Mexico City, Mexico — An alleged money laundering case has become a setback for presidential candidate Ricardo Anaya.

PAN senator, Ernesto Cordero, has asked the Attorney General’s Office (PGR) to accelerate investigations against Ricardo Anaya so that there is absolute peace of mind that none of the candidates have outstanding accounts with justice.

Justice has been stalled however, since two collaborators related to businessman Manuel Barreiro, filed a writ of amparo against a summons from the PGR regarding allegations of money laundering involving presidential candidate Ricardo Anaya.

Employees of the businessman, who allegedly triangulated funds for Ricardo Anaya, are refusing to testify. Sergio and Juan Carlos Reyes García, who are identified as part of the investigation, are alleged to have been involved in a real estate money laundering operation to raise 54 million peso for Anaya.

In a press conference, Cordero Arroyo said that “It is in the best interest of Mexicans to investigate and investigate this quickly.”

I believe that whoever is a candidate for the Presidency, who aspires to seek our trust through the vote, must be free of any suspicion and any doubt regarding his honor and his conduct.”

“Then, I would exhort the PGR to give speed to this matter. It is very important that there is absolute peace of mind that all our candidates do not have outstanding accounts with justice,” said Cordero Arroyo.