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Alleged huachicoleros hand over three soldiers held since Sunday

Tula, Hidalgo — After three hours of tension, the residents of Santa Ana Ahuehuepan in the municipality of Tula, handed over the three soldiers they’ve held since Sunday morning to avoid federal forces rescuing them.

The three were taken after a confrontation between the military and alleged huachicoleros in which one civilian was killed and another seriously wounded.

According to information from Vanguardia and La Jornada, the soldiers were handed over by residents of Santa Ana to a captain Pimentel of the Military Police to avoid the operation that federal forces were preparing in an attempt rescue their soldiers.

Residents asked Captain Pimentel and Abraham Mendoza, the state delegate for development programs of the federal government who acted as an intermediary, to place soldiers at the disposal of the Public Ministry to be held responsible for the death of the civilian.

Around 1:00 p.m. Sunday, the three soldiers were taken to the offices of the Federal Public Ministry of Tula, who will determine their legal status regarding the death.

In a bid to locate the three soldiers, a federal police helicopter flew over the town while dozens of soldiers carried out a deployment in the vicinity of Santa Ana. A meeting was also held between some of the town’s people and the captain.

During the meeting, neighbors said that a military vehicle entered the center of Santa Ana firing guns while chasing men who were aboard a truck.

According to resident, during the persecution, 40-year-old Victor Manuel Reyes García was killed, while a second man, 20-year-old Miguel Ángel Hernández Jiménez, was seriously injured by gunfire.