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American man wanted for murder arrested in Mexico after 5 years on the run

Culiacán, Sinaloa — An American man wanted for murder has been arrested in Mexico after five years on the run.

Ismael Pérez-Barraza, 28, was wanted by the Phoenix Police Department on homicide charges since being accused of the murder of his wife in 2013. Pérez-Barraza, who is from Arizona, is alleged to have killed his wife during a heated argument.

US police say he fled the country to avoid facing criminal charges. The US Marshall’s Office said investigators discovered that Perez-Barraza was in Mexico, and that after discovering his location, had him arrested.

The arrest took place April 5 in the city of Culiacán in the Mexican state of Sinaloa by Mexican authorities who coordinated the arrest with US Marshals Service.

According to the US, police in Mexico arrested Pérez-Barraza on the afternoon of April 5 after his five-year run.

“Ismael Pérez-Barraza is just one of the thousands of dangerous fugitives wanted in the United States who fled to another country to avoid being prosecuted.

The US Marshals Service, together with our local and international partners, navigate international treaties and specific laws that may affect the common interest of prosecuting violent offenders,” said United States Marshal David Gonzales.

“I want to thank our Mexican partners for their invaluable help in capturing this killer.”

Pérez-Barraza was returned to the United States on Friday morning to await his extradition to Phoenix, where he will face his homicide charge.