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Another 8 properties seized from former Veracruz governor

Veracruz, Mexico — Federal authorities have seized another eight properties belonging to the former governor of Veracruz.

The Attorney General’s Office reports seizing another eight properties of the former governor of Veracruz, Javier Duarte, who allegedly acquired them by prestanombres where one person asks another to appear as the owner of their property with the promise that in the end, it will be returned to them.

These latest eight of Javier Duarte are added to the 21 plots and 20 apartments, buildings, condominiums and ranches already seized. The most recent seizure includes five luxury apartments in Cancun and three in Bosques de Santa Fe.

The apartments of Santa Fe were bought by José Juan Janeiro Rodríguez, the alleged financial brain of the former governor, with a price tag of 38.1 million peso.