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Another Mexico journalist shot, killed

Villahermosa, Tabasco — Mexico journalist, Juan Carlos Huerta Gutiérrez, host of radio and television news, was ambushed on a street in the Flor del Trópico subdivision and murdered in Villahermosa in what would be the fourth direct attack against a journalist so far this year.

The General Prosecutor’s Office of the State (FGE) of Tabasco reported that before the murder of Juan Carlos Huerta Gutiérrez, the National Mechanism for the Protection of Journalists was activated, requested before the Attorney General’s Office ( PGR).

The head of the FGE, Fernando Valenzuela Pernas, explained that in addition to the protection protocol, the Public Ministry responsible for the case agreed provisional protection measures to guarantee the physical integrity of the relatives of the murdered journalist.

He explained that at the scene of the incident, four 45-mm perforated shells were found. He said that according to witnesses, a gray van blocked Huerta Gutiérrez who was driving a compact vehicle. A man came out of the van and shot him four times.

Two people carrying a firearm were arrested, however, there was no indication that they were linked to the crime. The Secretary of Public Safety, Jorge Aguirre, said tey were handed over to the FGE.

The Inter-American Press Association and the National Commission for Human Rights have condemned Huerta’s homicide.