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At least 24 dead in two fireworks explosions in Mexico

Tultepec, Mexico City — Two explosions occurred Thursday in Tultepec, according to the Edomex Red Cross. There are numerous injured being transferred to area hospitals with authorities confirming at least 24 dead, with 49 injured.

Of the deceased are reported to be 23 adults and one minor. At least three firemen are among the deceased.

Civil Protection Edomex has posted a list of the injured and the hospital they’ve been taken to on social media.

Emergency teams arrived at the site after the first explosion when a second explosion occurred, leaving members of these emergency groups dead and injured. According to the authorities, firefighters, police and civilians died.

Civil Protection staff are neutralizing the situation and moving people to hospitals.

The explosions occurred in the La Saucera pyrotechnic zone. The area is cordoned off to prevent people from entering.

There are substances and materials that cannot be fought with water so firefighters and authorities are working get the situation under control. Mexico’s president Enrique Peña Nieto has sent condolences to the families of the deceased and injured.

In June, another massive fireworks explosion in a house left at least seven dead in the state of Mexico.