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Attorney General investigating hundreds of cyber violence cases

Mexico City, Mexico — The Attorney General’s Office has reported 312 open cases in which acts of violence against children and adolescents are being investigated through social networks and websites.

The report is the result of an agreement approved by the Chamber of Deputies to increase efforts to investigate and, where appropriate, punish those who promote acts of violence against children and adolescents through social networks.

The PGR said that in order to achieve effective and efficient law enforcement, the institution has worked to consolidate the link between the functions of criminal intelligence and ministerial research in order to generate solid evidence with scientific and legal support.

As a result, the Unit for Cybernetic Investigations and Technological Operations was created. It is a body in charge of the execution and supervision of police actions that support inquiries related to electronic and technological media under the direction of the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

Currently, in the Cybernetic Investigations and Technological Operations Unit, investigations are carried out for crimes such as distribution, storage and / or production of child pornography derived from notifications received by Interpol, requests from the Public Prosecutor’s Office and international collaboration.

The department also works on strategies to prevent the involvement of minors on the Internet. One of them is to carry out collaborative actions with the Scientific Division of the Federal Police, dependent on the National Security Commission.

Lawmakers said that at present, social networks are one of the most used tools by criminals for human trafficking, online harassment or cyberbullying, exposure to inappropriate content, the extraction of personal data, and the spread of violence, including terrorism.

They specified the urgency of formulating and applying specialized criteria for the prevention of youth violence using technological means with the intention of generating a culture of safe navigation since “You can still be a country where being young is a danger,” he said.