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Attorney general says torture is a crime and not tolerated

Mexico City, Mexico — The Attorney General’s Office says they have never tolerated torture adding that torture is a crime and not in the Mexican culture.

The Deputy Attorney General for International Affairs, who was substituting for head, Alberto Elías Beltrán, says that the PGR “Has never tolerated torture and is fully committed to respecting dignity and human rights.”

The announcement came during an award ceremony for a contest on the Prevention of Torture. The stand-in official said that the Attorney General’s Office is “One of the institutions with a clear constitutional mandate to prevent, investigate and seek justice in the face of human rights violations.”

Attorney General head, Elías Beltrán, said that “In the PGR we want to be a national and international reference in the prevention and eradication of torture for which multiple tasks have been undertaken.”

He affirmed that the unit has promoted new approaches in crime prevention through programs such as Rethink and Prevention in Action, which has initiated a project of certification and continuous training in terms of prevention and eradication of the crime of torture with substantive units of the institution.

Elías Beltrán said that work is being done to reduce the risk factors that may lead to acts of torture, according to the National Mechanism for the Prevention of Torture of the National Human Rights Commission.

He recalled that in January, the Special Prosecutor’s Office for Investigation of the Crime of Torture was created as the unit in charge of investigating the crimes indicated in the General Law. He says the new law ensures these crimes do not go unpunished, and is meant to repair the comprehensive damage as well as provide specialized assistance to victims.

He stressed that within the framework of the National Conference on Procurement of Justice, the Protocol was approved to standardize ministerial practices in the investigation of torture and the Visitel Citizen Attention System has been strengthened.

He explained that it is necessary to strengthen the culture of human rights among all Mexicans, always convinced that culture is a powerful agent of change.

“It requires the active participation of society in the prevention and eradication of this crime.

“Definitely torture is not our culture, torture is a crime that must be denounced. There is no justification for not eradicating it,” he said.

In response to the call made by the PGR in coordination with the National Association of Universities and Institutions of Higher Education, 113 projects were received, of which three developed a proposal to prevent torture were recognized as winners.