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Authorities in Merida caution tourists about false vendors during Easter

Mérida, Yucatán — Authorities in Merida are calling on tourists to be cautious during the upcoming Easter holiday of false vendors, people selling packages without authorization.

Diana Herrera Anduze, titular councilor of the Commission of Economic and Tourism Development, says during Holy Week, tourists to the area should be aware of some people who are carrying out sales and offers of tourist packages without authorization from the city.

She says that already, some have been caught trying to cheat wandering tourists.

“We have been informed, through the Commission of Economic and Tourism Development, that in the streets of the first square of the city, there are people who cheat people,” said the councilor.

“These people have discovered that they sell a hat for 200 peso for 20 times more. The tourist police are on the lookout,” she added.

Any visitor who is ripped off by a seller can report it to the Tourist Police who will immediately address the situation. They can also go to the module in the municipal palace where tourist information and free activities are also organized by the City of Mérida.

“Merida is a safe city. There are honest people and merchants who do their work, but there are also those who offer tours and do not have the endorsement of the City of Merida,” she concluded.