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Baja California sees crime drop after following Cancun strategy

Baja California Sur, Mexico  — The Secretary of Tourism, Enrique de la Madrid Cordero, was pleased that the coordination of the three levels of government are offering to recover security in other tourist destinations modeled after Cancun.

State and federal public security institutions are offering “spectacular results in the recovery of security levels in the destinations of La Paz and Los Cabos”, going from 122 homicides to 12 during the month of April. He was also pleased to add that the lowered figures for Baja California Sur were the result of following a tourism security model used in Cancun.

The head of the Ministry recalled that last October, there were 122 homicides, which caused concern in local and federal authorities, however the coordinated work of the state and federal governments have achieved a significant decrease in crime by 90 percent.

He says that during the month of April, only 12 homicides were recorded.

In the framework of the follow-up meeting of the Security and Justice Bureau for Baja California Sur, the Secretary of Tourism of the federal government stressed that the results that were announced during the analysis of the tourism security strategy “are spectacular”.

De la Madrid Cordero said, “I am convinced that we will recover the security that Mexicans so desire in this and other destinations in the country.” He acknowledged the work of society as a whole along with local and federal authorities to offer these results, shows that the strategy is on the right track.

“We knew that the tourist safety model was going to work as it has in Quintana Roo,” adding that it is important not to let their guard down, but continue working to regain security.

For his part, the governor of Baja California Sur Carlos Mendoza Davis said, “Citizens can be sure that we work in coordination with the authorities of the three levels of government and armed forces to protect them, enforce the law and above all, ensure that our state respects the rule of law.”

He pointed out that the Tourism Security and Justice Bureau for La Paz and Los Cabos had specific goals, clear routes and addressed issues in a timely and effective manner.

“The tourist activity is extremely sensitive to security issues. Fortunately the strategy, the coordinated work of all sectors have worked properly.”

He emphasized that the issue of security “Is incumbent upon all. It is not exclusive to authorities or police forces. We must all participate as an organized society as a whole.”