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Bank of Mexico says cyber attack originated at brokerage house

Mexico City, Mexico — The governor of the Bank of Mexico (Banxico), Alejandro Díaz de León, announced that the first incident of the cyber attack that affected the Interbanking Electronic Payment System (SPEI) came from a brokerage house.

“April 17 was the first incident in a small institution, which was a brokerage house. We are not naming names because we still researching,” he explained.

Díaz de León said that the next attack happened on April 26 with a much larger sum in a larger bank. He added that the hake so far has cost 300 million peso, the same figure that was deposited.

He explained that through those five banks, cash withdrawals were made in branches in amounts ranging from 200,000 to 300,000 peso.

The official noted that the accounts from which the money was deposited have already been identified. He explained that the attack was carried out with sophisticated technology in addition to a logistics of which there was no precedent.

“It involves not only accessing these accounts of the financial institutions, but also depositing in private accounts and then having people arrive within minutes of the deposit to withdraw the cash,” he said.

“Until the review is over, we cannot be certain that it (the cyber attack) is over,” he added.

After the April cyber attack that compromised hundreds of millions of peso in Mexico banks, Banxico says they have implemented new security features to help protect consumers.