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Banking officer finds suitcase of cash, returns it to owner

Mexico City, Mexico — An officer from the Banking and Industrial Police unit in Mexico City has returned a suitcase he found full of cash.

The officer says he discovered the forgotten suitcase at a self-serve ATM in the Guadalupe Tepeyac neighborhood of Mexico City. Inside the suitcase was 110,000 peso in cash.

Officer Olaf de Jesus de la Cruz Hernandez was making a routine surveillance tour when he stumbled upon the suitcase that he found abandoned in a shopping cart. In accordance with protocol, an inspection of the suitcase was carried out in which 110,000 peso in cash and personal identification belonging to a store partner were found.

Bank police notified store management of their find, requesting the owner of the suitcase be notified to arrive and begin the legal process of claiming the suitcase.

The legal owner of the suitcase arrived and was able to claim his property thanks to the honest efforts of the Mexico City Public Security Secretariat.