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Beachgoers in Acapulco warned of mar de fondo

Acapulco, Guerrero — Beachgoers in Acapulco were unable to swim in the sea over the weekend due to mar de fondo or sea bottom.

Civil Protection officials from the state were busy keeping patrol of beach areas, ensuring no one entered the sea. Even nautical service providers were unable to offer boating or jet skiing due to the strong currents.

Javier Vargas Solis, a local tourism services provider said “Activities have been suspended for people who are going to swim. Days ago, Civil Protection sent an alert that the sea was approaching the bottom. All providers of tourism services have to alert tourists to the risk,” he explained.

Due to high waves and strong currents generated by the phenomenon, authorities restricted recreational activities on beaches in Acapulco. The Marine Rescue Division of the Tourist Police traveled the beaches of the bay to prevent people from entering the water.

“The waves are bursting high here. My job is prevention and sometimes, because of the deep sea, we have to constantly monitor routes to avoid any mishaps,” said Adam Pita Vinalay, Marine Rescue member of the Tourist Police.

“Do not get too close to the water along the shore because you can be dragged in by a wave, which are exceeding two meters or so, the surf is strong,” he added.

Mar de fondo or sea bottom is the movement of waves that spreads outside the area where it has been generated, reaching far away places. Around Mexico, mar de fondo tends to occur as heavy storms pass regions.