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Bengal tiger used for exhibition rescued by federal officials

Lake Tequesquitengo, Morelos — A bengal tiger that was used for exhibition purposes has been rescued by the Federal Office of Environmental Protection (Profepa).

The adult tiger was used as an exhibition on weekends on a garden terraces located on the shores of Lake Tequesquitengo, in Morelos. According to Profepa, the owner could not prove the legal origin of the feline that had its front claws removed.

The animal posed a risk of escaping since it lived in an enclosure of cracked walls that were apparently caused by the September earthquake.

The Federal Office of Environmental Protection also explained that the owner did not have a management plan approved by the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (Semarnat), adding that the conditions of the enclosure were also not adequate to house a tiger.

They reported that as a result of their inspection, Profepa personnel recovered the Bengal tiger for lack of dignified and respectful treatment as well as for not having the documentation to possess wildlife specimens outside of its natural habitat.

The feline was transferred to a Management Unit, where specialized care and attention will be provided. The Bengal tiger is listed in the Convention on International Trade for Endangered Species.