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Bodies of two missing Tecámac police officers found

Tecámac, Mexico — The bodies of two Tecámac police agents who were reported missing May 16 have been found inside a house.

The Attorney General of the State of Mexico say they have located the lifeless bodies of two municipal police officers who disappeared May 16.

Reports say the two men were found minutes before 7:00 p.m. on Saturday, when according to authorities, a woman requested police support after discovering the men in the house.

The woman, who rented the house to unknown subjects, says she entered to collect rent. Although the house was empty, she detected a foul odor.

“When entering the house together with municipal police, they realized that there were two corpses in a state of putrefaction,” police said. Their bodies were found half-buried inside the house.

Both men were reportedly assigned to guard Rocío Díaz Montoya, a PRI candidate for the municipal presidency of Tecámac. They were allegedly caught off guard and kidnapped, however, police say they suspect the kidnapping was aimed at the PRI candidate.

The disappearance of the agents occurred May 16 at around 10:30 p.m. in the Martín Azcatepec neighborhood where the kidnappers also took another police agent, although she was released.

Fellow officers identified the bodies as those of their missing companions Mario Adán Velázquez Álvarez and Freddy Téllez de la Cruz were aged 30 and 35 respectively.