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Body of Mexican marine lieutenant found after helicopter plunges into sea

San Felipe, Baja California — Officials from the Navy of Mexico say they have recovered the missing body of one of their own after a helicopter plunged into the sea October 20.

The body of 50-year-old Lieutenant Juan Mateo Cabrera has been recovered after an intense search that involved more than 200 marine members.

The Secretariat of the Navy vanished in the sea after an MI-17 helicopter in which he was traveling with 11 companions, plunged into the waters off the coast of Sonora while conducting illegal fishing surveillance.

A video from a nearby fisherman shows the helicopter taking a nose-dive into the sea after it appears to have lost momentum while attempting to discourage illegal fishing boats.

The helicopter plunged into the sea in the Upper Gulf of California. Area fishermen were quick to the scene, rescuing the marine crew alive. However, one body remained missing, which was that of Cabrera.