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Borge family ghost companies under tax investigation

Cancun, Quintana Roo — Roberto Borge Martín, father of former governor of Quintana Roo, Roberto Borge Angulo, was likely part of a network of beneficiaries of shipping concessions in Cozumel, according to SAT records.

The company in which Franco González Padrón, uncle of the former governor and Félix González Canto, also a former governor of the peninsular state as well as businessmen from the port.

In the middle of 2017, Barcos Caribe, a maritime transport company, was investigated by the Tax Administration Service for allegedly hiding the purchase of vessels with resources of illegal origin.

The company operates under the corporate name Impulsora Marítima de Quintana Roo y del Caribe, S.A. de C.V., and is owned by Franco González Padrón and Cesar Celso González Hermosillo y Melgarejo, Roberto Borge Martín’s private attorney, according to documents from the Commercial Registry of Quintana Roo.

During the investigation carried out by the PGR against Borge Angulo, the ministerial agents went to verify the address of Impulsora Marítima of Quintana Roo and the Caribbean SA de CV and detected that they were offices of a company outsourcing with a business name Romano Damiano Descansa SA de CV and that in the payroll they have Borge Martin as well as González Hermosillo.

In the constitutive act of this company appear 100 registered shares of 1,000 pesos each and the partnership between González Hermosillo and Melgarejo and González Padrón is signed for up to 99 years.

González Hermosillo requested, in his capacity as representative, a loan to Visa Capital Mexico SA de CV for 8,542,200 peso and then he paid 6 million of which the origin is not known. As a mortgage guarantee, he left a property that he acquired in Cozumel for almost 2 million peso but whose real price is more than 30 million.

However, there are two other companies related to transportation and maritime trade whose shareholder is the father of the former governor who is under criminal proceedings.

The first is Compañía Armadora Cozumel, S.A., formed in 2007 by Roberto Borge Martín as majority partner, and three partners: Franco González Padrón and businessmen Víctor Manuel Santín Padilla and Pedro Moguel Sauri.

According to the articles of incorporation of the company, its corporate purpose is to carry out maritime trade through its vessels, the exploitation of federal concessions, as well as the purchase of boats and accessories for sports activities like diving, fishing and snorkeling.

Borge Martín is also a shareholder in the shipping company Grupo San Miguel de Cozumel, S.A. of C.V., although of minority character, because the main partner is Víctor Manuel Santín Padilla, a tourist industralist of Cozumel that from the decade of the 1970s, has chaired in diverse occasions the local chamber of commerce.

The mother of the former governor, María Rosa Angulo Castilla, and her sister, Rosa Margarita, are also shareholders of the San Miguel Group, as well as Franco González Padrón.

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