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Boy who shot father in face found, arrested

Torreón, Coahuila — An 18-year-old boy who is accused of murdering his father has been located and arrested.

The boy, whose father was the escort of the attorney general of Coahuila Gerardo Márquez, was found shot in the face Friday. According to local reports, the shooting occurred at the father’s home in the city of Gómez Palacio.

Reports from the Durango Prosecutor’s Office say the father arrived home Friday and ended up in an argument with his son. Apparently, the argument was about the boys drug use. During the heated argument, the boy took the father’s gun and shot him repeatably in the face.

Police say seven gun shots entered the man’s face. The father’s body was found lying in the living room of his home. The boy then fled in a Coahuila-plated car, but not before arming himself with his father’s weapons.

On Sunday in a joint operation between Coahuila and Durango security corporations, the young man was arrested according to the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Coahuila.

The 18-year-old was taken to the Vice-District of Justice of Laguna, Durango, where he is being held pending trial.