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Businesses of Cabo San Lucas request more police presence

Cabso San Lucas, Baja California Sur — Entrepreneurs of Cabo San Lucas are requesting additional Gendarmerie police in the city’s main tourist areas.

The tenants and merchants of the center of Cabo San Lucas want to improve the perception of the area and have requested more security agents be provided from the Gendarmerie division in areas that have the largest concentration of tourists.

The President of the Association of Entrepreneurs and Tenants of the Tourist Zone, Friends of Cabo San Lucas, AC, Carlos Tinoc, announced a private meeting between businessmen was held with security authorities who requested the increase of the presence of the elements of the Gendarmerie Division of the Federal Police in the center of Cabo San Lucas.

They say the increase is necessary in order to improve the perception of security in the area, mainly for the tourist population, since the center is one of the areas with the greatest influx of tourists.

“You suddenly feel that the police are not there, so we talked to the captain who said they have a strategy to having an effective presence, but explained that they can also do rounds that can give us that security. The commander understood and will help us to make that perception more positive for all citizens,” said Tinoco.

The representative of the tenants and merchants of the center of Cabo San Lucas mentioned that the security elements assured that there is a strategy in which the agents are invisible in the eyes of criminals.

“When we ask you, why do not you see them sometimes? It’s because they have already detected certain points in the city where they need to be, even if they do not see each other, but with these strategies you can avoid the continuation of acts of insecurity, that is to say, although the perception might be that they are no there, they are.

“We already talked about it and that is what we as citizens want to express, and we want to applaud. We want to communicate that they are doing these strategies in order to give us that security,” he concluded.

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