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Cabinet of president-elect says economic package includes cancellation of Mexico City airport project

Mexico City, Mexico — Spokesmen from the cabinet of Andrés Manuel López Obrador say that the 2019 economic package, which the president-elect must send before December 15, will include the resources generated by the cancellation of the Nuevo Aeropuerto Internacional de la Ciudad de México (NAICM).

As announced last week after the results of the national consultation, López Obrador acknowledged that stopping the work at the airport in Texcoco would entail expenses and obligations with the project’s investors which are already being studied for inclusion in the next budget.

The representatives of the incoming government affirmed that the rights of the businessmen involved will be respected and cared for, saying that they understand the concerns generated by the cancellation of the Mexico City airport project.

“In the next few days, a channel of communication will be established with investors and rating agencies to detail elements in order to cover the fiscal effect of the cancellation of the airport,” they said.

They insisted that respect for the rule of law is guaranteed, however, what is sought is to strengthen the efficiency of investment in infrastructure adding that next year’s Economic Package will also include the amounts necessary for the airport projects proposed by AMLO.

These include the modernization of the international airports of Mexico City and Toluca and the authorization of the Santa Lucia Air Base to be adapted as an airport.

According to estimates, the disciplinary measures of the next budget will be reflected in a primary surplus goal of 0.8 percent of GDP.