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Canadian companies paying professional Mexicans 400,000 peso per year

Company Québec International continues to hire Mexican nationals with salaries averaging 400,000 peso per year.

Carl Viel, CEO of Québec International an economic development agency, says that since 2008 they have supported 600 companies in international virtual recruitment processes, and to date, have managed to attract more than 2,367 workers.

Viel says that “people are very talented in Mexico” and that despite the fact that “the French can represent a barrier, there are many people willing to learn the language in order to improve their quality of life.”

According to the company, Mexican nationals occupy 12th place for migrants in Quebec, representing 2.1 percent of the active population while France and Colombia occupy the first and second, respectively, followed by migrants from Belgium, Spain, Ireland and Brazil.

The level of employment for immigrants in the city of Quebec is 76 percent, the highest in the country. “We have one of the most diverse economies in the world,” he says adding that the fastest growing sectors in the Quebec revolve around information technology (IT) and health sciences, the agri-food industry and banking.

“The mobility of the labor forces is not the same as that of 10 years ago, it is much more pronounced. Learning to do business in other countries, to work, create a resume, study a degree or a second language is what we want to offer,” says the CEO of the Canadian company.

For an immigrant, he reports the average salary being between $27,000 CAD and $32,000 CAD per year, while for IT, salaries can reach as high as $90,000 CAD a year due to the fact the technology sector has grown 23 percent in the last decade, generating more of 12,600 jobs in Quebec.