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Cancun airport opens new Terminal 4

Cancun, Quintana Roo — The Cancun International Airport will become the largest air terminal in Mexico with the inauguration of the first phase of T4. The construction of the new terminal began two years ago with an investment of 2.3 billion peso.

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto, governor Carlos Joaquín González and the general director of the Grupo Aeroportuario del Sureste (Asur), Fernando Chico Pardo, head the opening ceremony of the new venue.

According to official sources by 2018, the T4 will have a capacity of 25 million passengers. By 2020, it will be able to mobilize 32 million travelers.

The T4 will host national and international arrivals. The operational staff will have the capacity to handle up to 75 operations per hour. With the expansion, Cancun International Airport will shift the hegemony of the Mexico City Airport, considered the most important air port in Latin America and placed 21 worldwide.

With the inauguration Terminal 4 of the Cancun International Airport, the destination is expected to grow in terms of tourism and increase direct flights and new routes to Quintana Roo.

“The number of international passengers has grown by 11 percent in our country until the month of August,” said Enrique de la Madrid, of Sectur adding, “Of course we want more Americans, but we also want more Chinese, more Japanese, more Korean, to integrate more of the world.”

In that sense, the inauguration of the new terminal of the International Airport of Cancun, opens the way to connect directly with countries of Asia and Middle East, increasing economic favoritism for the area.

Eduardo Rivadeneira, manager of public relations and communication of Grupo Aeroportuario del Sureste (ASUR), said that with this opening they will look for the creation of new routes for the airport, and that have the aim in the Asian continent.

He commented that the way to generate these routes are with the union of the tourism sector, airport groups and airlines, as well as the business sector.

The role of ASUR is to create the necessary infrastructure to be able to receive this new group of tourists. The tourist authorities will have to promote the destination, while the private sector will focus on the promotion of its services.

“With this terminal we are going to make the possibility into a reality,” Rivadeneira said.

Toru Takeda, president of the tourism group CRS Japan, commented that the opening of the terminal should increase Japanese tourism, as there are currently only direct flights from Japan to Mexico City, but that they expect a direct flight to Cancun.

Terminal 4 of the airport has the capacity to receive 9 million passengers annually, which will increase to 21.5 million that have been received on average in recent years, in addition to increasing traffic in northern Quintana Roo.

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