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Cancun concerned with lower than normal reservations

Cancun, Quintana Roo — Cancun Hotel Association leaders say city reservations are unlikely to reach the same figures as last year, warning of a drop already in the upcoming season.

The hotel occupancy rates for Cancun in December will not reach the positive numbers that were seen in 2016, said Carlos Gosselin Maurel, president of the Cancun Hotel Association. He says they have already seen a decrease of about 10 percent in reservations due to the US travel advisory.

“We are currently 10 percent down compared to last year. Our concern is not now, because the past has passed, however, our concern is in the future. We are working and working hard,” he said.

“I don’t think we will reach the figures of the previous year. As long as there is no formal attitude of the government to face the facts. I think if we do not take measures, we could be 18 percent down in relation to last year.

“The decision of our council is to act, and from there we hope that this generates more interest in different economic areas.”

Gosselin Maurel says that statistics cannot be erased, adding that he worries in the future that there could be a loss of up to 15,000 occupied rooms per night amounting to $7.9 million USD in lost revenue.

He explained that state government campaigns have been inefficient, which is why the hotel association will make important investments into the American market, which is where the decrease in reservations are being felt most.

Scheduled campaigns include direct promotional material for hotels as well as bringing wholesalers from the United States to see for themselves that insecurity is not high and that Cancun is not “like the Chicago gangsters.”

He says that the upcoming Cancun Travel Mart scheduled for October 16 to 18 will help to improve conditions of the sector as more than 315 buyers and 335 suppliers attend, generating approximately $3.5 USD.

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