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Cancun school closed due to lack of toilets, running water

Cancun, Quintana Roo — Parents and students of a technical school in Cancun are demanding the completion of school bathrooms, which are putting the health of the more than 600 people at risk.

The mid-secondary school, which has about 600 students and teachers, is without proper bathroom facilities or running water.

“We are very worried because it is already starting to generate problems. It is a source of infection, the bad smell, the conditions, young people do not want to come to school because they do not have hygiene,” said Barbara Alvarez, president of the Parent Society.

“Without counting the toilet problem, we do not have water to wash hands, which starts to generate health problems, abdominal pain, allergies,” she added.

This school is part of the program of schools for the remodeling of bathrooms, however, the project was never finished as anticipated over the holiday break. Portable latrines were placed onsite for students, but with 600 people, the 4 women’s and 3 men’s toilets are not sufficient.

For this reason, classes have been canceled.

“We want the suspension of classes because the children cannot come to study in these conditions…the lawyer Pantoja de Chetumal already knows. He was left to solve the problem, but we do not see a resolution,” she said.

She pointed out that education authorities are already aware of the situation, but says that they do not have the faculty to suspend classes and urge them to make a decision in the case.

“The remodeling is through the program. The school is worthy of this program. It has a lot of reconstruction including the floor, but the bathrooms were a priority and they did not finish it,” she noted.

Apparently it is the lack of material that has prevented the work from being finished.

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