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Climate change project meeting held in Mexico City

Mexico City, Mexico — Mexico’s Miguel Angel Mancera says that climate change is moving faster than awareness in a meeting with Al Gore.

Climate change is moving faster than awareness, warned the head of government, Miguel Angel Mancera in a meeting with Al Gore who was heading The Climate Reality Project in Mexico City.

Mancera Espinosa said that in the meeting he had with Al Gore to fight climate change, Gore recognized Mexico City for the actions implemented in environmental matters during the current administration.

He highlighted the fact that there are still people like the president of the United States like Donald Trump, who deny climate change exists, or who assume that there is another agenda.

“Anyone who doubts climate change, who sees the melting at the poles or the dry seasons in the northern areas of the country, is foolish,” he said adding this was part of the topic discussed with Al Gore.

He also thanked Gore for choosing Mexico City as the venue for the meeting on climate change because it is a very important event with more than 700 people attending the workshops.