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Company of collapsed plaza says they were in compliance

Mexico City, Mexico — Grupo Riobóo, the company responsible for the construction of the Plaza Artz Pedregal that collapsed Thursday, says that the structural design and the calculations were in compliance with current regulations and quality standards.

The company explained that the portion of the building that collapsed Thursday morning was a metal structure and was not part of the company’s structural design and calculation processes.

José María Riobóo Martín specified his participation in the design of the exclusive shopping plaza located in the south of Mexico City. In a statement, he explained that the structural design and the calculations he made were only for what refers to the concrete structures that make up the building.

“Same that was carried out in compliance with the current regulations and meeting the quality standards established worldwide.”

The part that collapsed on July 12, he added, is a metallic structure that was not part of the calculation and structural design processes of Grupo Riobóo. He reiterated that none of the companies that make up Grupo Riobóo are engaged in the execution of works and / or construction.

“We express our willingness to collaborate with the authorities who carry out the corresponding proceedings and expert reports, in order to clarify these facts in which the citizens have shown so much interest.”

However, government head José Ramón Amieva Gálvez, says the collapse of one of the structures of the Artz Pedregal shopping center responds to a case of negligence, adding that according to first reports, too much weight on the terrace caused the collapse.

In addition, he said that four beams considered not suitable for the structure could be seen with deformed bolts.

The Attorney General’s Office of Mexico City has requested the opinion of the Constructions Institute to reinforce expert reports that will provide the cause of the collapse. The plaza was being constructed in the Jardines del Pedregal neighborhood in the Álvaro Obregón delegation.