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Conagua asked to provide Upper House with maintenance schedule after 8 million left without water

Mexico City, Mexico — The Senator for the Labor Party, Geovanna Bañuelos de la Torre, has asked the National Water Commission (Conagua) to exempt the municipalities and colonies most affected by the water cut in Mexico City and the state for the last two months.

The exemption request comes after the water company cut water to nearly 8 million people as they made unscheduled repairs.

Along with a two-month exemption, the senator has also asked Conagua to present a report on the future planned maintenance and water cuts in order to guarantee the right to water access for the entire population.

Geovanna Bañuelos indicated that the suspension of water supply affected more than 8 million people, which, he said, highlights the weaknesses of the service and the lack of infrastructure.

He explained that according to official figures, the coverage in urban areas is 95.4 percent, while in rural areas it averages 78.8 percent with 40 percent of that water being wasted due to leaks in the distribution networks.

He said that only 47.5 percent of wastewater is treated and that a much lower percentage, which he says is difficult to specify due to the lack of monitors and surveillance, meet quality standards.

On October 31, more than 8 million people had their water service cut while the state’s water supply company made pipeline intake and distribution repairs to the Cutzamala System.