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Criminal gangs ambush Mexican Navy leaving 5 dead, 13 wounded

Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas — An ambush in the city of Nuevo Laredo leaves five Mexican Navy personnel dead and 13 wounded.

Since late last night, the Secretary of the Navy for Mexico has reported that their personnel have been ambushed and suffered several attacks in the city. So far the attacks, which have continued into this morning, have resulted in three ambushes in various points of Nuevo Laredo.

As of this morning, the Navy have reported the death of five Navy personnel with at least 13 being wounded. In a statement, the Navy says the first of the attacks began during the night while officers were patrolling the streets.

They say gun shots from moving vehicles were recorded toward their officers and that in that attack, three Navy personnel were injured.

The second attack occurred when officers attempted to leave the base of operations to provide support and medial aid to their injured comrades. The vehicle drove about 600 meters from the base when it too, was attacked by gun fire through an ambush.

In that ambush, six officers were injured and one killed.

In the third attack, naval personnel from a different base of operations were also assaulted leaving four injured. They report that three of the criminals died in that attack. To avoid further casualties, the Mexican Navy has implemented aerial support.

It has been reported that at least seven attackers have been killed, which the Navy says likely belong to the criminal groups responsible for the generation of violence in the state.

The city of Nuevo Laredo is in the northern region of Mexico that lies on the other side of the Rio Grande, across from the American city of Laredo, Texas.