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Dozens take advantage of Pemex pipeline spill

Aculco, Mexico — Dozens of people took advantage of a gasoline leak that was found in a Pemex gas line.

With buckets and anything else that could hold liquid, nearby residents of the community of Agua Zarco in Aculco, State of Mexico rushed to the site where gasoline was spilling from a cracked pipeline.

While villagers took advantage of the fuel spill, it kept civil protection authorities on alert since it was falling onto the ground.

Gasoline theft is a common practice for thousands of people in the country who use it is as a means of income. Tapping Pemex pipelines to steal and sell the fuel is how thousands make their living.

According to Carlos Alberto Treviño Medina, the general director of Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex), approximately 2,200 people were arrested last year alone for stealing fuel from pipelines around the country.