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Driver says 19 passengers kidnapped after bus forced to stop

Reynosa-San Fernando, Tamaulipas — The driver of a bus has reported that nearly half of his passengers were forcefully removed after two trucks created a roadblock, forcing him to stop.

The incident occurred March 7 when the driver of a Transpaís bus said he was driving his 41 passengers along the Reynosa-San Fernando highway in Tamaulipas when he suddenly came upon two trucks who had the highway blocked.

The men from the trucks boarded the bus and forcefully removed 19 specific migrant passengers.

The bus driver says the incident occurred at kilometer 79 at the height of Palo Blanco at approximately 1:00 p.m. when a gray van and large pickup truck blocked the highway, removed 19 passengers and forced them into the two vehicles.

The bus reportedly arrived safely at the Reynosa bus station with its remaining 22 passengers.

Although the Attorney General’s Office has opened an investigation folder into the alleged kidnapping of the 19 migrants from the Transpais 9596 line, there has not been any public report from the Instituto Nacional de Migración (INM) regarding the disappearance of the migrants.