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Ernesto Ruffo opens way for presidential candidate Ricardo Anaya

Mexico City, Mexico — PAN senator, Ernesto Ruffo, has opened the way for the candidacy of Ricardo Anaya for the presidential chair heading into 2018, after he resigned as candidate for the presidency, deciding instead to support Anaya and Por México al Frente.

The resignation of Ernesto Ruffo adds to those that have also already resigned including the former rector of the University of the Americas, Luis Ernesto Derbez and the former governor of Guanajuato, Juan Carlos Romero Hicks. All that remains is to pronounce on the internal process to the former governor of Puebla, Rafael Moreno Valle.

“The goal of Por México al Frente is the benefit of the majority, leaving aside personal ambitions. That is why I want to collaborate in the achievement, renouncing my aspiration to contribute my knowledge, my experience of many years in the public service and, above all, my fervent conviction to change the adverse and worrying conditions in which most Mexicans live,” Ruffo said in a statement.

“I will not forgive corrupt people and there will be no revenge, but justice,” said Ricardo Anaya.

On December 20 Ricardo Anaya announced that he will not forgive the corrupt, but said there will be no revenge, but justice.

“We are the ones who are going to end the pact of impunity. We, like López Obrador, are not going to forgive the corrupt. There is not going to be revenge but there is going to be justice. Those who have done it will pay for it,” he said.

He said that if he were to reach the Presidency of the Republic, he would regain peace and tranquility and criticized that this year the country has reach nearly 30,000 homicides.

He also revived his possible PRI opponent, José Antonio Meade, and told him that he is out of position because the vast majority of Mexicans repudiate the tricolor.

In addition, he assured that Mexicans are fed up with the corruption and inefficiency of the Federal government and committed to making profound changes.

“He says we’re misplaced. I think that the one who is out of place is he, who has not realized that the vast majority of Mexicans repudiate the PRI, that they are fed up with the corruption of the inefficiency of this government. We are going to make profound transformations. We represent the change while he represents the continuity of this disaster that has been the government,” said Anaya.

The day before, the PRI pre-candidate to the presidency, José Antonio Meade said that Anaya is misplaced by raising a universal basic income for all citizens.

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