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Ex-Mayor of Oaxaca shot, killed at gas station

Oaxaca, Oaxaca — The former president of Guevea de Humboldt, Isaí Ortiz Hernández, was killed last night at a gas station in the town of El Espinal.

Isaí Ortiz Hernández, who was the ex-may of the city, was shot to death while pumping gasoline. Reports say that while he was pumping gas, three armed men arrived in a van, approached him, began to shoot him and then fled,.

The former mayor was killed while the gas station dispatcher was injured, confirmed the Attorney General’s Office Justice.

Ortiz Hernández had reportedly died instantly while the employee survived and was immediately transferred to a nearby hospital.

Municipal and State Police arrived along with officials of the Attorney General’s Office who secured the place and raised the body.

Meanwhile, the Prosecutor’s Office opened an investigative folder against whoever is responsible.

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