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Ex-Mexican footballer, Zague, issues statement of apology for sex scandal

Luis Roberto Alves dos Santos Gavranic, an ex-Mexican footballer, posts a statement of apology for an erotic video that went viral.

Luis Roberto Alves dos Santos Gavranic, who is also known as Zague, was a commentator during the recent Russia 2018 World Cup. The letter comes more than a month after the initial leak of the video, which occurred days before the start of the World Cup.

The commentator spoke for the first time about the sexual video that circulated in networks, apologizing to his coworkers, his children and his wife, whom he described as “an exemplary woman”.

Zague posted his statement of apologies on his Twitter account for the controversial material that was stolen and published prior to the sports event.

In his message, the ex-footballer admitted that he committed “a very serious error” that wore him emotionally and broke his family, adding that he maintained a positive attitude before the cameras to professionally meet his work commitments.

“I will strive every day to try to regain her confidence,” said the sports analyst who offered a sincere apology to his wife, Paola Rojas.

Zague also said that it would be the only message he will give regarding the matter after the numbers verbal attacks he and his family have received.