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Facebook to add special voting icons to Mexican accounts

Mexico City, Mexico — Social platform Facebook says for July 1, they will activate an Electoral Megaphone icon so users can check their box and comment on their participation in the elections.

In an interview with Notimex, Diego Bassante, manager of Politics and Government of Facebook in Latin America explained that the Electoral Megaphone consists of a button that will appear in the news section of the platform so that users can access it on election day.

“This is the oldest civic tool Facebook has and perhaps the best known since it was activated for the first time in 2008 for the the US elections.

“The Megaphone has two options,” he explained. “One for people to check their box and the other so they can share a message with other people. This button will be activated on election day.”

He says that they could also activate the button called Informed Reader for the first time in Mexico, which would invite people to go out and vote.

“We hope to activate this button on Saturday June 30, but everything will depend on the INE providing a website where we can redirect users of this button” said Bassante.

The director said that when this icon is activated in other countries, the National Electoral Institute (INE) will provide users with information about the documents needed to vote as well as data about preparing to vote.

“Once we have a website to direct the Informed Reader button, we can implement this button, but for now the one that is confirmed is the Electoral Megaphone,” he said.

He added that Facebook and the INE are analyzing if it is possible to publish the Preliminary Electoral Results Program (PREP).

“We’ll see if we have the possibility to present the PREP results. We cannot confirm it yet because it is not clear (…) we are consulting with the INE and with our own team of engineers to see if it can be done technically or not.”

Diego Bassante pointed out that these tools would be added to the Themes tab that will allow people to consult the campaigns of the candidates on their Facebook pages.

“As we know, Facebook connects people to the issues that interest them most. During elections, the political issue takes a leading role and we believe that we can contribute to having an informed citizenship, that people have a free, open and different on the platform,” he said.

He said that since March 30, 45 million people “talked” about the Mexican elections and have generated 560 million interactions on Facebook. During the second televised political debate, social media played an active role in views and comments.