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Failed assassination attempt in Cancun leads to arrest of three

Cancun, Quintana Roo — After what police are calling an assassination attempt against a taxi driver in the city of Cancun, three people were arrested.

Three alleged hit men have been arrested in Cancun after a failed shooting sent police on a chase. The shooing took place in Region 95 near Comalcalco Avenue in Cancun. Although hit, the taxi driver target was not seriously wounded.

He went to hospital on his own, leaving police in several nearby regions to hunt down those responsible. Two men and one woman were arrested after police intercepted the taxi in which they were riding.

One of the arrested had an outstanding warrant for homicide.

Elements of the Municipal Secretariat of Public Security reported the arrest of the three suspects, noting that one of the detainees, Juan Bautista C, has pending arrest warrant for the crime of homicide.

His two companions were identified as Alejandro L and Yahaira Guadalupe S , who were placed at the disposal of the Public Ministry in Cancun.