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False claim victims return checks after government warning

Mexico City, Mexico — People who made false earthquake victim claims have returned their cheques after the government issued warnings against making the false claims.

Eduardo Rovelo, Comptroller General of Mexico City (CDMX), reported that some people who received the check of 3,000 pesos from the Housing Institute (INVI) have gone to the agency to return the money.

Rovelo said that the “false victims” had understood the government’s message, which if convicted, would be tried by the Criminal Code that would condemn them to 3 years in prison and a substantial fine.

After the public warning, a few people returned the money they received.

The money was distributed following the earthquake of September 19 which would help those affected who have suffered damage to their home and could rent elsewhere. According to the Head of Government of the CDMX, Miguel Angel Mancera, the city has distributed 20,867 checks of which 3,800 reached the wrong hands.

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