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Families reject insurance accident offer of 20 percent

Mexico City, Mexico — Family members of the victims of a tractor trailer accident at kilometer 14 of the Mexico-Toluca highway have rejected compensation offered by the insurer.

The accident, which occurred November 7, left 10 dead and 17 injured after a semi trailer rammed into more than 10 vehicles. The driver of the semi, Ana N, was found guilty of culpable homicide in the death of all 10 people.

At a recent hearing with magistrates of the fourth Criminal Chamber, an attempt was made to reach a reparatory agreement with the victims, which they rejected as being insufficient.

“(They offer) 20 percent of what should correspond, obviously it is a very minimal amount to support each of the families who are all left widowers with children to support, and now who have no support for their family,” said one member.

Eduardo Gomez, defense lawyer for seven fatalities and one of the injured said that initially, the accident was blamed on faulty breaks, but after an investigation, it was found to be excessive speed.

Violeta Anaya, mother of one of the injured, reported that her daughter is still hospitalized. She lost an arm, an eye and cannot walk and considers it unfair that she cannot be reimbursed for the money she has spent since the day of the accident to keep her daughter alive.

According to the investigation, on the night of November 7, the driver of the semi was traveling at a speed of 165 kilometers per hour on the Mexico-Toluca Highway when, at kilometer 14 in front of Patio Santa Fe, she lost control of the unit and rammed into more than 10 vehicles.

Three days later, the driver was connected to the process of culpable homicide of 10 people. The trailer driver, 41-year-old Ana N, is currently under preventive detention in the Female Prison of Santa Martha.

Atlas Insurance, by the EASO Transport company for which the driver worked, has offered to pay 20 percent of their claim, arguing that the coverage only covers 10 million peso.