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Federal government will pull military from streets if national guard not approved

Mexico City, Mexico — The federal government will withdraw the military from the streets if the Congress of the Union does not approve the constitutional reform to create the National Guard, said the Secretary of Public Safety, Alfonso Durazo.

In a meeting with the Constitutional Points Commission of the Chamber of Deputies, he clarified that in the government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador, “We do not want to continue this stage of simulation in which we have been for 12 years,” that is, allowing the army and the navy to carry out public security work without having the legal framework for it.

“If eventually congress makes the decision to not approve the reform, we, in those circumstances, would withdraw the army to complement the barracks. I think it would be irresponsible for that to happen because given the current circumstances of violence in the country, we cannot afford that luxury,” he said.

He added that building a civil police from the federal police would have taken 18 years, because the police do not have enough resources or spaces to train the necessary elements. Members of the naval and military police that integrate the National Guard, he said, have already undergone a process of training in police work for 8 months.