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Feds announce separate arrest of two dangerous Mexico cartel leaders

Mexico City, Mexico — In two separate press releases Wednesday, the Interior Minister, Alfonso Navarrete Prida, released details that led to the arrest of two of Mexico’s cartel leaders.

The first arrested was Gerardo Axel N identified by the federal government as the second in command of a criminal cell linked to the Northeast Cartel in San Luis Potosí. Feds say he was arrested in the City of Mexico after an operation by the Criminal Investigation Agency.

They say Gerardo Axel N is linked to the transfer of drugs to the United States and is likely responsible for the crime of qualified homicide and attempted murder, for which an arrest warrant was issued against him.

Alfonso Navarrete Prida

Alfonso Navarrete Prida also confirmed Wednesday that federal forces in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahu arrested Julio César N, alias El Sexto or El Sixto, an alleged leader of the criminal group La Línea.

Navarrete Prida said that Julio Cesar N is the main generator of violence in that border city, which has managed to register 30 homicides in a weekend because of the disputes between criminal groups.

The federal official stressed that Julio Cesar N was considered the successor of Carlos Arturo N captured on May 17.

Navarrete Prida added that different operations that led to the arrest of the cartel members owas carried out only by federal forces.