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First commercial prototype aircraft built in Mexico in decades

San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato — State authorities have announced the manufacturing of Halcón 1 in the state of Guanajuato, making it the first commercial aircraft prototype to be built in Mexico in 77 years.

In a statement, the governor of the state, Diego Sinhue Rodríguez Vallejo, said that the manufacturing of the plane will generate 250 specialized technical jobs over the next five years.

He explained that Halcón 1 will be priced competitively in the market, since it will be economical and able to run on the same gasoline as a vehicle. He added that it will be produced in series in Guanajuato and that Halcón 2 is already under construction.

Photo: Notimex

Rodríguez Vallejo explained that a group of businessmen are investing more than $24 million USD in an Aerospace Ecosystem in San Miguel de Allende that will allow the construction of the airplanes.

“This Aerospace Ecosystem will be integrated by a School of Aeronautics, a maintenance center and an aircraft factory that will be producing the first aircraft 100 percent manufactured in Guanajuato, which will be the Halcón 1,” explained Rodríguez Vallejo.

“I know that it is important for the businessmen to give continuity to this aerospace cluster and that is the beginning of the history of this sector,” he said.

The manufacturing plant is being built in San Miguel de Allende where it is expected that IK Aerospace Group (SIASA Air, Optimen, Horizontec) will begin operations in the first months of 2019. The Halcón 1 will have a crew of two and a length of 6.1 meters and height of 2.3 meters.