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Five Mexican states approve creation of National Guard

Mexico City, Mexico — Five states across Mexico have given their approval for the creation of the National Guard, inching the country forward toward the 17 needed for congress.

Nuevo Leon, Tabasco, Guerrero, Chiapas and Campeche are the five states in the country that have already approved the constitutional reforms for the creation of the National Guard. Guerrero, Campeche, Chiapas and Nuevo Leon were the first to give the green light with Tabasco announcing yesterday that they too, are now on board.

The latest announcement comes after Congress of Tabasco approved the creation of the National Guard with an unanimous vote in the legislative plenary.

Deputy Karla María Rabelo Estrada stressed that the reforms and additions to create a police institution of a civil, disciplined and professional nature will contribute to the generation and preservation of public order and social peace.

Parliamentary coordinator of Morena, Beatriz Milland Pérez, said that the new police institution of a civil nature will be characterized by being professional, disciplined and endowed with an institutional architecture and with high values at the service of public safety.

“That is efficient in its action and with a new face that wins the confidence of citizens,” she added.

Deputy José Manuel Sepúlveda Del Valle said that with the approval of the state of Tabasco, they will advance significantly in terms of security.

At least 17 local congresses across the country are needed to approve the initiative to endorse the National Guard for the federal executive to enact it.